Still stitiching up Paris

After the button store, we got lost – well I did really, in some Passementerie stores. Lovely colours for cushion edges. We stopped for a cuppa which was well needed by this stage. If this wasn’t enough so far, then we hit the fabric district. In my mind that song, ‘ heaven, I’m in heaven, and I can’t believe ……’ was rolling through my mind. Streets of fabric stores and stores with floors of fabric. Oh like the good old days in Melbourne. Wow! Even managed to find my knock off Marimekko fabric in the colour I was after on my list. And stores of haberdashery places. Not sections of a store with haberdashery, no haberdashery stores. How much fun. One interesting aspect about buying fabric in this area was the idea of the ‘coupons’. So in a number of the fabric is already cut into a set length, a coupon, and that is how you purchase your fabric. Not only is it sale time in France for the fashion stores in July, it is sale time on the coupons too! I purchased some coupon fabric too. Poor Barbara, she was ever so tolerant of me. One minute drooling, one minute photographing on the iPad, next with the camera, one minute flirting with the African salesman ( he made a compliment to me first!), one minute buying fabric. She even offered to be my packhorse.

Barbara  my ever patient carry horse

Barbara my ever patient carry horse

I did take advantage of her offer. By then we had been going for the best part of the day and it was time to end it. Before we parted ways, Barbara also had some beaut tips that are also list on her web site about other current textile events in Paris. Barbara is such a lovely host and guide. She helps you with all your queries and can help in translations and tractions. And knows just where to go. It’s fabulous fun. Next time in Paris, I’ll be putting my hand up for my next tailored tour!

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